Monday, April 2, 2012

Really want to learn to blog with all the cute stuff and make it fun so I will want to Blog regularly.  NO. REALLY.  I would love suggestions, how to's, pointers, anything that will help me. Let's get me up and running brefore my wedding the end of June.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

little up date for ya :P

Wow so it's been awhile sense I've been on here but it's mainly cause i don't really know how this works . Anyways This is whats been going on summer of 2010 Me and my boyfriend Sam moved to Salt Lake City hoping to get on our feet we had some struggles at the end of December of 2010 we got our first house we are renting it but it's a cute little house for us i think. We also got a puppy his name is Sid after the sloth in Ice Age cause he's a little on the goofy side like him. We have been working and trying to stay afloat. I got a nice new car finally it's an 07 ford focus and i love it. Sam and I will be having our 3 yr anniversary June 20th. We have started wedding plans but still not positive on a set date were aiming for June 2012 but we shall see. We Have 3 boys living with us right now in our small little house our room mate Joe 22 works in park city so we don't see him too much. He is great with making Saturday breakfast and when he gets in his cleaning mood he does great job he cleans like a girl lol. Wayne is Sam's little brother he is 18 and working at the maverick gas station he hasn't been out of the crick very long so were all still adjusting to his new found look on life. Enoch is a friend who is 17 that needed a place to stay he's what you would call a preppy boy he complains alot and does not like sid touching him and complains about farts. He works at subway and brings us home treats when he can. It's been crazy and hard growing up i'm still not sure about the saying welcome to adult hood cause i don't feel like an adult. I got to see my mom this last weekend went down to st. george for my neice nyahs happy day day princess birthday party it was way fun and way cute emily did an amazing job with the cake and party. well i put some new pictures up and try and update this more as soon as i get it down a little better.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Merry Christmas

Rilee and my best friend tidwell
me and sam doin our thing
rilee and Michell again
justin emily and nyah she was an elephant (STOMP!!) thats the noise nyah makes for elephant
the boys as clowns lol
the group on halloween 09 bradly sam me sami and donkey
mine and sam's pumpkins mines the kitty sam's is the melting face
me scooping out the goo lol i love it
sam carving his first pumpkin

Well Merry Christmas every one my birthday has just come and gone again i am now 19 oh boy and do i not feel any different. Funny how growing up does that to you.When your young the year can't go by fast enough your birthday of when you turn 16 is never here quick enough and before you know it your 19 and the years just zoomed passed you and you still feel like you should only be 16.

Well me and Sam have been dating for a year and a half now and we have "BIG NEWS" We are getting engaged! I am still picking out my ring and we don't plan on getting married for another two years because neither of us are quite ready for that step we want to live together first and see what it's like that way before we take that big leap!

There isn't much else new with me this year. My brother Justin and sister Emily just had a brand new baby girl Anastyn she is the cutest lil sissy ever and Nyah can tell you all about it. She loves her sissy it's way cute oh gentle and loving she is with her. here are some photos of the past year and whats gone on......

i love being with him every waking moment
me and sam he's being silly cause i was playing with his hair lol
the two big sisters :)
My favorite pic of Sam and Anastyn.

Nyah and baby Anastyn
cute baby Anastyn
Sam holding baby Anastn and me puttin her gloves on
Me holding Anastyn she is so cute!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Well hey everyone sorry it's been awhile been busy and been going nuts but heres whats happend i graduated from high school i had an awsome summer with my dad boyfriend (Sam) and my sis got a job at the animal clinic on east tabernacle and have been living the new adult hood life not sure if i like it yet or not but here are some pics hope you like them.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Me n sam on my romantic camping trip he bought me a $200.00 bottle of whit wine and a rose so sweet. Dukers came with us we had hot dogs and marshmello's

The top left pic is me and sam's recent pics of our summer so fat lots of fun and kisses for me.

Friday, January 30, 2009


Hey every body it's me long time no talk or see!!! i thought i would update some pics of me and let ya know how im doing. School is going great im working hard and now takeing two vet classes one fore animal science the other for doctoring it's never a boring day in that class! I am still with sam and he is in college studying to become a radialogist and doesn't really know what he thinks of college quite yet! I am very proud of my lil sis she just turned 17 today and is such a cutie i love that girl to death i would be totally lost with out her! she's pretty much always there when i need her most even if she would really rather not be!! My team made it to the super bowl GO STEELERS!!! im excited to watch that game i can't wait im going to a super bowl party at sams house so that should be loads of fun well i hope to see you all soon and i love looking and reading your blogs i will holla at you all later much loves! oh HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

Me and Sam amzing pictures by rilee